May 6

On my birthday we went Houmas House to see their gardens. I was hoping to see a lot more unique plants but it was still beautifully laid out. Here are some of my favorite parts. 


May 5

Only one iris bloomed in April. I will be redoing the rose garden and iris garden in the fall. 

What bloomed in May

April 3

I moved the fennel to the sun

This is a cut flower bed. It will have zinnias this year. I surrounded the bed with a wild perennial that the bees love. 

Mom gave me her duchess. 

This is what is planted in the side shade garden. Pictures of plants coming soon. 

The garden happenings

March 27th, 2016

Here is what is blooming in the garden this week:


Mexican Firecracker (planted in the fall)


First Strawberry


The Fig is starting


Pretty Clover




Heirloom Azalea






Perle d’Or


Yellow Succulent Flowers

Those pictures were taken on Monday, March 21st

Here’s what has happened this week.


Another Gorgeous Holy Cross Sunset


Lily and Iris Garden getting bigger!


Penelope Rose


Fig Tree going strong!



Cherry Tomato


Native Honeysuckle


Powderblue Blueberry


Brightwell Blueberry


Cherokee Purple


Grapefruit Blossom


Jolene hiding on the Pine Straw




Perle d’Or with more buds


Radish Seedlings


Easter Sunday Storm


Mme Zizi


Penelope (later in the day)


My neighbor’s hibiscus (he gave it to me because he thought it would grow better for me) 

Back Again 

Ok. It’s been awhile. A long while. But we are back! The end of the school year threw me into a whirlwind and I have just settled down. I wanted to make sure I was back to writing because I went blueberry picking yesterday and now I have a list of things to bake. It. Is. Happening. It must be the impending vacation. 

Ok so here’s what’s been happening.    
I inherited two cats from my Aunt. There are some growing pains. They have never been around other cats or dogs. I have two cats and three dogs. Pecking orders are being determined. 


This is the same rose!! It’s Marie Van Houtte. It starts off white and as the bloom gets older it changes to a beautiful pink. I love this rose. 


This, my friends, is what happens when you have the most awesome neighbor/housemate. This is what you wake up to on your birthday. It’s ok. I’ll give you some time to feel jealous…


I’m really into using plants to bring in the good bugs and keep out the bad ones. After a vicious night of getting eaten by mosquitoes, Cosimo and I sat down to form our battle plan. It is a work in progress but the house will be fortified. 
So I teach preschool. I love to garden. I naturally signed up for a nature preschool conference. It took me home to Maryland. It was nice to be back. The crabs were delicious and the water views amazing. 


This is the tree that the kids can climb at the nature preschool. 


This is their meadow to run in. I mean really. This is what every child on earth should be doing. Running through an amazing field. 


And there were bees. Just bees doing their thing. No one freaking out because they might sting you. No big warning signs causing panic or anxiety. Just bees. And a beautiful field covered in wild flowers thanks to those bees. 


There was just too much love for my homeland in this booth that I had to document it. 


Now we have caught up to present day. Yesterday was a blueberry festival. We had a picnic under the trees, listened to great music, and picked about 5lbs each of blueberries. Not to mention how many we ate while picking. 


I never put up pictures of myself but I promised I would put this one in. 

So first up is blueberry cordial. 

All you do for this is take a quart ball jar, add a cup of sugar, berries to the top, and then top it with vodka. 

This is going to sit in a cool dark place for two months. This blog post will be referred to as I begin to forget how long it’s been. 

I’ll post about my first drink with it. 

Until then…
More berries are in your future. Get excited!!